Stretching Exercises

First, warm up: Three to five minutes worth of light movement (like walking) helps get muscles
ready for stretching, so make sure you set aside the time to prepare your body.

Some guidelines:

  • Don’t force your body into any stretch. Once you’ve gently eased your limbs into a movement, hold it for 15 – 30 seconds.
  • Don’t bounce. Slowly move your body like tay so it stays extended.
  • Do these stretches at least three times a week to maximize the benets.

Upper Body
1. Chest Stretch
Let your arms fall open wide. Pull your arms back,
squeezing shoulder blades together.

2. Upper Back Stretch
While standing, clasp your hands out in front of
your with stright arms and press out, rounding
your upper back.

3. Shoulder Stretch
Grab your left forearm with your right hand and
pull it across your chest, pressing it toward your
body. Switch.

4. Lower Back Stretch
Lie on your back on the oor and pull both knees
to your chest. Hold both knees to your chest with
your hands, clasping your hands under your knees
if possible.

5. Calf Stretch
Stand with your feet together and then take
a large step back with one foot. Bend the front
knee just a bit until you feel the stretch in the
calf of your back leg. Make sure your front knee
doesn’t jut out past your toe and that the heel
of your back foot stays on the oor.

6. Quadriceps Stretch
Stand on one foot and hold the other foot up
behind you as pictured. Be sure to keep your
knees close together.

Lower Body
7. Hamstring Stretch
While lying on the floor on your back, extend
one leg up and pull toward your body with
your hands. You will probably need to bend
your knees slightly, but try not to bend it too
much. Switch.

8. Hip Stretch
Lie on your back with your knees bent and feet
at on the floor. Place your right foot on your
left knee, then lift your left leg off the floor and
clasp your hands together under your left knee.

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