Pregnency And Child Birth

1. First month

The pregnancy is a most important part of a woman’s life. It is a change in many aspects, mentally and physically, and emotionally. She has to face hormonal imbalance 3 times in her life. She may face this, first at her puberty, next at her pregnancy, and the last at her menopause time. Due to the hormonal imbalance the mental, physical, and emotional changes are happening. To overcome these stages, she have to follow certain food, and external activities, like healthy nutritious food and yoga, exercises. She will feel happy by doing these, and can enjoy these changes in her life.

2. Second month

She can recognize that she is expecting a child at the 2nd month 55th day of the last menses, the Doctor will confirm the pregnancy, and after 15days, DR will confirm it by the scan .by that time she may suffer from morning sickness.

Doctor may give medicine for the morning sickness [vomiting, food taste changing, some smells causing vomiting/nausea, e.g.; cooked rice]. Therefore, by that time she can try some food, which will do no harm or side effect to her health, or child. Some food items she will like very much. Some change will happen at her tastes. She can eat whatever she likes.

3. Third month;
Until this month, it is first trimester. The DR separates the period of 9 months of pregnancy into 3 parts. In the first and third trimester, she must be careful. Some woman may vomit in these trimesters. DR scans 2 times in the first and third trimester, and one time in the second trimester. This will vary from DR to DR or place to place. Some people will afraid of doing scan often, so I am mentioning it. Her vomiting will be reduced gradually, and can able to eat little more this month. She has to increase her food intake with as much nutritious food as possible. Balanced diet like eating vegetables and food rich in iron, vitamins and calcium content will help the mother to build stamina to bear the baby and deliver a healthy child. The Dr will check the blood test of both her and her husband’s. If there is some problem of Rh Incompatibility Dr will give the mother 2 or 3 injections, during pregnancy. This will help the child to protect from the complication.

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