Games And Activities

One of the things many parents dread, myself included, are those days when inclement weather confines us to indoor activities. When the inevitable occurs we make “stuff” - lots of “stuff”. At any given time someone could walk into my home to see a sticky family covered in paper-mache, a kitchen converted into a pre-school modern art museum, or newspaper windsocks hanging “gracefully” from the eves of the house.
As any parent knows kids toys cost a small fortune. Now, don’t get me wrong, my kids rooms are so cluttered with the latest “must-haves” that you can hardly see the floor. However, it is the additional “stuff” that resides with these toys on the floor that has the most meaning.
Everyone, even the youngest child has a certain degree of creativity within as well as a earning to unleash that creativity. Included here are a few of those projects that any parent and child can accomplish together, projects that my children have asked to do again and again, projects that can turn even the most dreary, rainy day into a delight.

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